Accounting & Book Keeping

With so much pressure already building on companies to outperform, enhance their market standing and escalate profits to next level, seeking for accounts outsourcing services has become essential in today’s scenario. Small & medium sized enterprises generally take accounting & book keeping services as a side line rather this is the life line of any business as without proper records it is difficult for a business to know its actual standing.

By working alongside, FICA keeps its clients informed about their business as they progress on a daily/monthly basis providing accounting advisory services in a cost-effective manner.

Falcon will provide you tailor made accounting and book keeping solution for your business.

Companies require accurate and real – time financial information for decision-making and performance monitoring. Also, under UAE FEDERAL LAW NO. (2) OF 2015 “Every Company shall maintain accounting records showing its transactions to accur​acy​.” Penalties for failure to comply with the law are as follows

  • Failure to keep Accounting Records (Article 348) – A fine of at least AED 50,000 but not more than AED 500,000 shall be imposed on the company;
  • Failure to keep Accounting Records for 5 years – A fine of at least AED 20,000 but not more than AED 100,000 shall be imposed.

We are committed to deliver innovative solutions that help to reduce the time required for book keeping and accounting and preparation of financial statements as well as other areas critical to elevate the role of the finance function in their organization.

​Dedicated​ staff members will be provided to take care of all accounting needs for a continuous period of time – just like a part time employee. Behind the scenes however, the accounts go through the same level of review and supervision as expected from a professional accounting firm.