Auditing & Assurance

We believe that no value is added if audit firms are mostly there to rubber stamp opinions. With our expertise and close partner involvement together with the significant pool of experience, true value is added.

Our Audit team is equipped with high level of technical skills and empowered with professional skepticism which provides the foundation to a good audit. An audit seeks to provide a real overview of the financial performance of a business, whilst improving an entities efficiency and profitability. FICA has established its mark mainly through audit and this is its core competency.  As a client of FICA, you can be rest assured that the reported financial results are fair and meet the necessary international standards. Our Partner is involved at key stages of the audit, offering you the level of quality and accuracy of conclusions which you would expect from a thoroughly professional organisation.  We strive to maintain long term relationship with our clients & be a one stop advisor for all of their business needs.

The audit and assurance landscape is changing. Regulatory requirements, coupled with increased stakeholder demands for greater transparency, are putting more pressure on organizations. As a result, audit and assurance are high on the agenda for many boards.

We believe we have a responsibility to continue our work in building trust in corporate reporting, which goes far beyond regulatory demands for greater disclosure and aims to increase transparency and rebuild confidence.
We maintain an uncompromising commitment to offering a consistent risk-based audit. Our clients value us for our ‘no surprises approach’ and timely service .

Our audit and Assurance Services include external audit, internal audit, internal financial controls, forensic audit, fraud risk management, financial due diligence and stock audits. Company audit and assurance are one of the key areas that require extensive industry experience and specialized skill set.  When it comes to your company’s audit, you cannot take things lightly.  We understand the expertise that are required to perform a proper audit in order to build a proper assessment for each and every operation in your business.

External and internal audit: O​ur Financial experts and auditors evaluate and assess your company’s internal and external operations in order to prepare a complete analysis report that helps you understand your company’s current situation.

Internal financial controls: Your financials are your most sensitive information. We understand how to deal with internal financial controls by using the right resources and tools for proper reporting and reco​nciliation​.

Forensic audit and fraud risk management: No business can survive without proper forensic audit and fraud risk management. We have all the right tools and resources to offer extensive forensic audit and risk management services that allows you to protect your organization from potential frauds.

Financial due diligence: Due diligence is one of the most crucial aspect of any merger or acquisition. Due diligence allows you to look into the potential company where you want to invest to make sure that you’re making the right decision before you make a financial transaction.  We help you with that assessment process with a simple to follow procedure that guarantees reliable and trustworthy transaction.

Stock audits: Our team conducts thorough stock audits to make sure that everything is where it needs to be.  Your company’s physical and material products are your important asset and with proper stock audit you can ensure their safety from potential risks and frauds.