Business Valuation & Financial Due Diligence

Business Valuation:

Ascertaining the value of a transaction is the focus of this service from Falcon.

Falcon offer a complete range of business valuation, mergers and acquisition service. Our experience is extensive with international exposure and familiarity with various cultures and sensibilities – translating into value transactions in the complex transaction of mergers and acquisitions. Falcon team provides assistance throughout a merger or joint venture setup. From initiating dialogue with potential partners, setting of strategic directions to documentation and business plan, The Falcon team will partner with you every step of the way.

The team at Falcon can help in:

  • Identify opportunities that adds value to our clients business.
  • Lead the negotiation process armed with knowledge of strength​s and​ weakness​es​.
  • Advice & assistance with funding the acquisition.
  • Implementation & review of transition process.

Financial Due Diligence

Due diligence is the investigation or examination of any business or operation. Due diligence is required to be conducted before a potential merger, acquisition, privatization or any kind of financial transaction where an investment is made into another company. It is caution that every organization should take before entering into an agreement of merger, acquisition or any such kind of transactions.

Financial due diligence employs methods such as document review, conducting discussion and interviews with senior management and key employees, comparing historical financial data and trend analysis, and reporting of financial and other risks along with the actual operational situation of the target firm in written form to the company acquiring business.

Financial due diligence determi​nes ​whether or not company accounts are reliable and evaluate real ituation of assets, liabilities and tax risk. Companies involve​d​ in acquisitions or mergers must ensure that all the information provided to the other party is accurate  so that they pay correct price for business. Due diligence will help to identify the actual financial and strategic condition of the business. It is also a tool which helps an investor to discover other vital information about a business, which will help a buyer or investor to pay the actual price for the assets and liabilities he is taking over.