Company Profile


Falcon International was founded as a Consultancy and Auditing firm in UAE in 2008 to help entrepreneurs in the high growth markets of Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Since then, we have grown exponentially with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, New Delhi, partner offices in Russia, South Africa, Congo & Uganda, and partners across economies and geographies around the world creating global synergies for our clients and stakeholders.

FICA was incorporated in the year 2007, and since then has evolved itself as one of the well established & reputed audit firms in UAE duly approved and recognized by Ministry of Economy Govt. of U.A.E, Dubai Dept. of Economic Development, Department of Planning & Economy, Abu Dhabi and other local authorities as Financial Consultants and Auditors to operate in the United Arab Emirates. FICA is in the approved list of auditors of the local banks & the free zones in the UAE and also for DIFC non regulated entities. FICA has served clients from almost all industries & is lead by a professionals with more than 30 years of experience and has a team of young & dynamic people working hand in hand .

We aim at financial success of our clients and are committed to earn their trust and in return equip them with confidence in presenting their financial management to compliance authorities and other stakeholders. FICA is one of the fastest growing Financial & Business consultancy Firms in UAE and other markets we operate in . We offer comprehensive solutions for auditing, bookkeeping/accounting, internal audit, formation and liquidation of local and offshore companies, feasibility studies, due diligence & business valuations and project financing services.

The global economy is massive and growing . According to the World Bank, global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had grown from $74 trillion in 2013 to an estimate of $133 trillion in 2018. The United States accounted for over 22% of global GDP in 2013, but this percentage has been declining over time owing to the emergence of the economies in India, China, Brazil, and other developing countries . A sometimes overlooked factor in this global growth is that it is facilitated by ever-growing and increasingly complex economic interconnections between countries . Economist Frederick Hayek referred to this phenomenon as Catallaxy—specialization of tasks and functions that leads to the exchange of specialties among specialists and, consequently, economic growth . One can observe that Catallaxy is now occurring at the national levesl—some nations are specializing in fostering innovation in some industries, others are specializing in providing the infrastructure for large-scale manufacturing, and yet others are serving as hubs for the provision of services . The global flow of goods and services produced by this phenomenon is large . We all need to find find our place under the sun of Global finance .