PRO Services

Usually client requires professional experts ; who can successfully manage the whole cycle of procedures and formalities of the need of client and guide client through the multiple stages & helps client to complete all the paperwork successfully.  Time is money and you cannot spend your valuable time standing in the queues of various government departments waiting for your turn, while your business suffers your absence. You can easily spend it at a better place & productive work by hiring the best pro services company in Dubai to get the job done on time. From approvals to collecting visas, application submission to signatures and stamps, we are here to take all the stress offfrom your shoulders .

Below are the list of services we offer:

  • Document attestation
  • Documents Attestation from Chamber of commerce/ Ministry of foreign affairs attestation
  • Assistance in government related work as required by clients
  • Processing of visa and renewal
  • Processing of employee labor and immigration cards
  • Processing Employment Visa And Renewal
  • Processing Employee Labour
  • Processing Immigration Cards
  • Processing Investor Visa And Renewal
  • Registration of A New Trade License
  • Renewal of Trade License
  • Attestation of Documents
  • Processing Documents from Dubai Municipality
  • Processing Documents From Chamber Of Commerce
  • Processing Visa for Employees Of Companies
  • Visa Renewal Or Health Insurance Applications
  • Attestation of Foreign Companies’ Documents from Ministries.
  • Approvals From The Department Of Economic Development
  • Approvals from The Ministry Of Economy
  • Work Permit Applications
  • Estimation Of Assets And Liabilities Of Foreign Company
  • Customs Import & Export Code Registration
  • Trade Mark Registration