Risk Advisory Services

We use our inhouse developed, extremely scientific tools to identify local/regional/global threats; internal/external threats; short term/long term threats/ risks to your business and warn you in time so that you are never surprised and are prepared to face and overcome them if and when they knock. We undertake.

  • Product & Market Audit.
  • Financial Audit.
  • Process Audit.
  • Internal Controls Audit.
  • Third Party Services Audit.

Then, we produce and present a quarterly independent, confidential business risk assessment report to the Client Management for their attention and course correction.


How is business different from Gambling?

  • In Business we have Skill Sets to Positively influence the outcome of Business Activity thereby reducing the role of Luck as against Gambling where we are totally dependent on Luck.
  • But can we completely eliminate the role of Luck in Business – NO
  • Probability theory Studies have shown that Luck in our lives and Businesses is Not distributed Evenly.
  • It generally comes in patches of Good Luck and Patches of Bad Luck.
  • Understanding Risk is important so that apart from working and enhancing our Skill Sets to reduce the role of Luck in the Success of our Business Enterprise, we are adequately equipped to manage risk when we or our product hit that patch of Bad Luck and we are resilient enough to pass through that phase.
  • We would undertake study of some aspects / activities of bussiness where risk is most likely to develop and which we should evaluate on regular basis to keep the Risk at manageable levels in these areas even when we or our product are passing through the so-called Patch of Bad Luck.
  • Risk is the ” EFFECT OF UNCERTAINTY ON OBJECTIVES “, and an Effect is a Positive or Negative Deviation from What is Expected.


  • Our Endeavor would be collate all available data of the client’s Business and Market study of their Product on a Quarterly basis and Prepare and Present an Independent, Unbiased Third Party Confidential Risk Assessment Report to the Top Management of our clients for their Necessary Action.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how we can help please contact sales@falconfinservices.com